Friday, May 13, 2011

Caelis Bell Sample Gameplay Video

For the past few months, since approximately January 1, 2011, I have been developing a game in my spare time. This game is named "Caelis Bell." It is a 2D action/adventure game for the PC. I have just finished a sample gameplay video which can be seen below (it's a little cleaner if you watch it at 480p):

This game is written in Java, and will probably be released as a Java-Web-Start game or a downloadable application. It is still far from completion, however.

The story of Caelis Bell begins when three monsters start causing havoc to a kingdom. You play as a young knight named Xavier who is fighting to protect the land. As the plot progresses, you need to find the four pieces of the Caelis Bell, a magical artifact that was broken. Once the four pieces are put together, the bell can be used to defeat the evil sorcerer responsible for the appearance of the monsters.

Even though I have not revealed everything, this plot is still in an early stage of development and subject to change. Character names and the game title are also subject to change.

In case anyone is interested, I also made a puzzle game in Java a few years ago that can be played online as an applet. It is called Ice World. Click the link to play it.